Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ESSO card from the city to look into the need for integration

Living in the city, away from home, the replacement is routine transport, usually between the bus, rental, subway center, bus cards, subway cards, etc. used interchangeably, very inconvenient, Consequently, the emergence of the city obviously people shouted card convenience.

Information age, business management are also constantly upgrading, in order to save manpower, time and streamline operating costs, a number of management software after another. Invoicing, HR, erp, crm, his, lis ...., Etc. In this case, new problems emerge.

For users, the memory for multiple applications, multiple username and pwd; access to multiple systems require multiple landing; for administrators, each application corresponds to a set of user management for a user, whether to add, delete, change , require multiple operations; each application has different rights management, complex operation to bring security risks. For applications, the application of information resources is not shared, the formation of information silos; application system authentication, access control security measures inadequate to meet the security needs can not affect the construction of the entire security system.

It is for the above three points, single sign-on system, there is a need is urgent.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on or SSO, the English full name of the Single Sign On, refer to the number of applications, users need only log on once to access all the applications of mutual trust. It includes the main log can be mapped to other applications for the same user login mechanism. It is the more popular solutions for enterprise business integration one.

Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Hanbang very through Single Sign ESSO (Enterprise Single Sign-On), is a leading support for C / S and B / S structure of the single sign-on system, but also for the development of domestic enterprises and status information The development of applications management software. Repeat the face of the user login, the system administrator tedious account management and system settings, as well as how to control user access rights and other issues, ESSO provides a complete solution, simplify the user's login process, while providing centralized and easy identity management, security, authentication mechanism, rights management and auditing, business information systems to meet the ease of use and safety management requirements.

Unlike other single sign-on products, ESSO application management is very flexible, through different levels of authentication security management, parameter configuration management, audit management, and convenient account management, etc. IT management. For example, ESSO not only supports multiple authentication methods, such as digital certificates, USB Key, dynamic password authentication, etc., while retaining the traditional static password authentication and other authentication methods such as text messaging, biometrics and other authentication reserved Interface to meet the business needs of the extended authentication.

ESSO single sign-on with solutions, by distribution platform, all applications will be deployed in a unified access platform, users can access through the Web means that all applications, to achieve a centralized management.

Users only need a password to access all applications; for administrators: As the password reduced, system administrators often need to help users reset your password, and therefore significantly decrease the cost of operational support; other system administrators a better way to manage user , including through direct prohibition and delete users to cancel the user access to all system resources.

Statistics show that esso single sign-on solution that will support the center costs by up to 25%. As the IT managers from the tedious work password reset transaction freed, you can have more time to pay attention to the company's overall IT development strategy for enterprise development, traffic flow.

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